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38 products
    Day Companion Side table, DAY Home
    +60% EXTRA
    DAY HomeDay Companion Side table
    11.799,60 kr29.499 kr
    Edge Side Table Petrol, Hübsch
    • Few left in stock
    +50% EXTRA
    HübschEdge Side Table Petrol
    13.499,50 kr26.999 kr
    COFFEE TABLE 115, Nichba Design
    +60% EXTRAVIP
    Nichba DesignCOFFEE TABLE 115
    47.519,60 kr118.799 kr
    Beam Table, Hübsch
    • Few left in stock
    +50% EXTRA
    HübschBeam Table
    10.799,50 kr21.599 kr
    Ash Side Table Black, Hübsch
    +50% EXTRA
    HübschAsh Side Table Black
    11.999,50 kr23.999 kr
    Duo Tables Black (set of 2), Hübsch
    +50% EXTRA
    HübschDuo Tables Black (set of 2)
    19.024,50 kr38.049 kr
    Enjoy Side Table, Hübsch
    +50% EXTRA
    HübschEnjoy Side Table
    11.999,50 kr23.999 kr
    Enjoy Trolley Black, Hübsch
    +35% EXTRA
    HübschEnjoy Trolley Black
    21.475,35 kr33.039 kr
    Aio Side Table, Bloomingville
    +20% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleAio Side Table
    40.239,20 kr50.299 kr
    Coffee table Nebraska - Natural, Muubs
    +20% EXTRA
    MuubsCoffee table Nebraska - Natural
    28.479,20 kr35.599 kr
    Ulrike Coffee Table, Bloomingville
    +30% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleUlrike Coffee Table
    28.139,30 kr40.199 kr
    Ø 59.5 cm
    Lourdes Coffee Table, Bloomingville
    +20% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleLourdes Coffee Table
    59.519,20 kr74.399 kr
    TRAY STAND 65CM, Marimekko Home
    +40% EXTRA
    Marimekko HomeTRAY STAND 65CM
    19.919,40 kr33.199 kr
    31X 66CM
    Aloise Side Table, Bloomingville
    • Few left in stock
    +20% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleAloise Side Table
    35.439,20 kr44.299 kr
    Ø 29 cm
    Kassia Side Table, Bloomingville
    +20% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleKassia Side Table
    20.959,20 kr26.199 kr
    Dalia Tray Table, Bloomingville
    +30% EXTRA
    BloomingvilleDalia Tray Table
    16.939,30 kr24.199 kr
    Side table, Besshoei, Snow, by NORD
    • One left in stock
    +30% EXTRA
    by NORDSide table, Besshoei, Snow
    17.359,30 kr24.799 kr