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Ilse Jacobsen

If you hear the name Ilse Jacobsen, your thoughts immediately wander to boots, rain jackets, and all kinds of fashion that brightens up the rainy days. It’s no wonder when the popular Danish brand put something as practical as rain boots in the fashion heaven! Discover Ilse Jacobsen's trendy raincoats and rubber boots for the wet autumn days, as well as dresses, blouses, sandals, flip flops and lined boots for the rest of the year. You’ll find them in our online outlet, all at discounted prices with up to 70% off. Click around and order clothes, shoes and accessories for women from Ilse Jacobsen at Booztlet prices. We guarantee fast shipping home to you within 3-5 working days - always with easy returns.

Ilse Jacobsen - the queen of rain boots

Inspired by her then-boyfriend who owned a shoe company, Ilse Jacobsen opened her first shoe store in Denmark in the early 90s. It struck her how boring the practical footwear looked, and with that, her goal became to make rain boots more trendy. In 1993, she launched her own collection consisting of 10 pairs of rubber boots for women under her name. Her design philosophy was and still is based on the Scandinavian simplicity and functionality that we all love. Ilse Jacobsen focuses on good craftsmanship and natural materials in her shoewear. Find robust rain boots in natural rubber and rain jackets to brighten up a rainy day with vibrant colors! You can find them in both high and low models, with or without lining and in many different sizes. Store the boots out of direct sunlight and wipe them off with a lukewarm cloth with a drop of dishwashing liquid to freshen them up after a muddy festival. Sign up for our newsletters today and receive information about new products from Ilse Jacobsen, sales campaigns and discount vouchers so you can make the best deals online.

Clothes, shoes & accessories with inspiration from the Danish seaside

Step into gray days with colorful shoes, sneakers with patterned soles and rain jackets for the summer rain. Explore everyday dresses and maxi dresses with modern details and beautiful designs in our online outlet store. The idyllic fishing town of Hornbæk is where Ilse Jacobsen grew up and has her design business today. Close to forests, city life and beaches, she gets inspiration for her collections and accessories that fit perfectly with these surroundings. Who said you can’t combine rainwear and dresses? Throw on a flexible rain jacket over a simple midi dress when you go for a quick walk with the dog in the dunes along the beach. Is the weather forecast is indecisive? Jump in a pair of rubber boots with animal print and matching wrap dress, and you’ll be fashionable and ready for the day. Update your wardrobe with our wide selection of tops and bottoms from Ilse Jacobsen and search for the highest discounts and lowest prices. Shop your favorites with the best deals online today.

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